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Post tan care & maintenance

  • Treat your new spray tan carefully! Avoid skin to skin contact and exposure to water and sweat until your instructed shower time. This includes sweating, swimming and showering before your designated rinse time. Your recommended shower time will be provided at your appointment.

  • Let the tan develop for the recommended time, then rinse quickly for 45 seconds in lukewarm water. When it is time for that first shower, do not use soap. Just a water rinse is recommended. If needed, you can lightly wash pits/privates but keep the soap very minimal. The goal is to get in and out in a speedy fashion! If you see streaks after getting out of the shower, hop back in and use your hand to guide the leftover bronzer off. Pat dry with your towel. Apply lotion after your initial rinse. The more water exposure your skin has, the faster the spray tan will fade. Keep the water temperature lukewarm for that first shower.  It is important not to use hot water while developing the tan because it stops the activation of your tan. Avoid applying make-up, oils, deodorants and perfume until after your first shower.

  • To avoid stained palms, avoid palm to skin contact while your tan is developing.

  • No soaps, scrubs, or shampoos for the first 24 hours while your tan develops.

  • Avoid excessive shaving, sweating, hot showers/baths, and exposure to chlorine and saltwater to reduce the chance of premature and uneven fading.

  • Use tan safe products and tan extending lotion to help extend the life of your tan and for an even fade. Remember, your spray tan is only temporary!

  • After showering, always pat dry...never rub!

  • Taking short showers and moisturizing daily with a natural lotion will help lengthen the life of your tan. Stay away from products that have mineral oil and high amounts of fragrance. Those ingredients will strip your tan right off. Hempz and Aveeno Naturals are my favorite body washes and daily moisturizers!

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